Stinger 80 Amp Dual Battery Isolator / Relay

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Prevent primary battery discharge and extend battery life when using a 2nd battery with the Stinger SGP 80 Amp battery isolator / relay

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80 AMP Dual Battery Isolator

Using an isolator when adding a second battery will keep the batteries from discharging each other and allow you to run accessories from the Secondary Battery without draining the Primary Battery.

Protect Your Batteries

Having a secondary battery in your vehicle is big requirement for 4×4 overlanders, offroaders and high performance audio systems.

Stinger’s SGP range of battery isolators protect each battery from ‘cancelling each other out’ when the vehicle is running due to possible different battery styles by disconnecting the batteries from each other.

Save Your Primary Battery Charge

Have quite a few accessories connected to your secondary battery?


  • Amplifiers
  • Fridges
  • Compressors
  • Lighting

Save your primary starting batteries charge by isolating the batteries when the vehicle isnt running with the Stinger SGP battery isolator and relay.

Lifetime Warranty Protection

We’re that confident in the Stinger range of interconnects, distribution blocks, connection hardware and power terminals, we offer a lifetime performance warranty on manufacturer defects.

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What Do You Get?

The Stinger SGP32 includes

  • Stinger SGP Series 80 Amp Relay
  • Instruction Manual


  • 80 Amp constant current
  • 150 Amp Peak current
  • Water resistant black phenolic plastic
  • Compatible with all types of charging and alternator systems