CANM8 Cannect Start-Stop Disable


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The CANM8 CANNECT START-STOP DISABLE is a CAN Bus interface designed to automatically disable the Start-Stop function on vehicles where this feature is not desired. Each time the vehicle engine is started, this interface automatically disengages the Start-Stop control so that manually overriding of the function is not necessary. The Start-Stop function can be re-instated by the driver at any time during the journey as desired but will automatically cancel again the next time the vehicle is started.

When checking out your purchase, please be sure to let us know what vehicle you have in your order notes so we can supply you with the correct wiring information.

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Product Features

The CANM8 CANNECT START-STOP DISABLE interface is extremely popular with refrigeration and temperature controlled vehicles. Many refrigeration transportation companies suffer from the engine cutting out when the vehicle enters Start-Stop mode, which in turn shuts off the power to the temperature controlled storage at the rear of the vehicle. This poses huge problems as these systems require constant power during transportation to keep them at the desired temperature. By installing our START-STOP DISABLE interface, this completely eradicates this issue and has proven to be a huge success amongst existing customers. Most Start-Stop systems incorporate a manual override control, but the specification for special vehicles may often require the override to be an automatic feature. Most vehicle suppliers are not able to offer this facility as an option.

Installation Details

The interface features a mini wiring connector, which unplugs to allow easy installation. There are 2 connections to the vehicle CAN Bus wiring (CAN HI & CAN LO) along with a connection to a permanent, fused 12v power supply and an earth connection.

The CANM8 START-STOP DISABLE (POWER) interface will automatically disable the vehicle Start-Stop system. For some vehicles, you only need to connect the CAN Bus wires and the unit is able to de-activate the Start-Stop system via CAN. Other vehicles require the physical connection of an input and an output wire to turn the Start-Stop system off but these are clearly labeled on the installation instructions that will be sent with your product.

The interface incorporates a multi-function status LED, which indicates the status of the vehicle Start-Stop system.

LED Status Details

Flashing Red: Vehicle CAN Bus data detected. The START-STOP System on the vehicle is active.
Flashing Green: The START-STOP System on the vehicle has been de-activated.

Wiring Harness Details

Molex Plug
Please ensure you use the correct wiring harness as shown.
Connect via a 5A fuse to a PERMANENT 12v supply.
Connect to a good chassis GROUND point.
CAN HI Connection : Vehicle CAN HI wire.
CAN LO Connection : Vehicle CAN LO wire.

N.B. The Pink and Brown wires are not always connected. Please refer to the installation instructions supplied with your product for vehicle specific instructions.