CANM8 Cannect Parking Sensor Retention Interface


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The CANM8 CANNECT PARKTONE is an ideal solution for use when replacing the OEM radio in the vehicle and wishing to keep the OEM parking sensors working.

The CANM8 CANNECT PARKTONE is a CAN Bus Interface that provides retention of factory parking sensors front and rear (vehicle dependant) when installing an aftermarket radio.
The C8NECTPARKTONE includes a Piezo buzzer for audio output (additional Piezo buzzer may be required for some vehicles with front & rear sensors)

When checking out your purchase, please be sure to let us know what vehicle you have in your order notes so we can supply you with the correct wiring information.

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Product Features


Reverse   > 12v (1A max) when reverse gear is selected.
Piezo Output   > 12v (1A max) when sensors detect a object

Installation Details

The CANM8 interface features a mini wiring connector, which unplugs to allow easy installation. There are 2 connections to the vehicle CAN Bus wiring (CAN HI & CAN LO) along with a connection to a permanent, fused 12v power supply and an earth connection.

The interface incorporates a multi-function status LED, which indicates correct connection to the CAN system, CAN activity present and confirmation that the CAN identity has been recognised.

LED Status Details

Flashing Red: Searching for CAN information.
Solid Red: CAN Data received but vehicle not yet identified.
Solid Green: CAN Data received and vehicle type recognised.
Flashing Green: Vehicle speed detected.

Wiring Harness Details

Connect via a 5A fuse to a PERMANENT 12v supply.
Connect to a good chassis GROUND point.
CAN HI Connection : Vehicle CAN HI wire.
CAN LO Connection : Vehicle CAN LO wire.
Piezo Buzzer Output NEGATIVE
Rear Sensor Output POSITIVE
Front Sensor Output POSITIVE