InstallPRO Universal 6×9″ Speaker Baffle Kit

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InstallPRO Universal 6×9″ Speaker Baffle Kit from Stinger Australia is an all-new complete set baffle.
With its silicone design, the IPBU69 offers fantastic protection for your speakers from water that can run down the inside of your door cavity-causing rust, and damage to your speakers.

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General Product Information

Speaker Baffle System

Protect Your Speaker Investment

Most people are unaware that vehicle doors are not waterproof. Vehicle doors are designed to drain out any water that may come inside but this doesn't stop water from running down the inside of the door itself.

Now imagine what your vehicle speakers in the door are being subjected to.

The InstallPRO Speaker Baffle Kit was designed to help protect your speakers from damaging water by surrounding the back of the speaker in a adjustable length silicone baffle without loss of audio quality.

Includes Everything You Need

Not only does the InstallPRO Speaker Baffle Kit protect your speaker, it also improves the audio performance by attacking it in two ways.

Firstly by using the included speaker back-wave pad, audio waves from the speaker when audio is played are contained and redirected directly at the speaker instead of bouncing around in the door causing frequency cancellation and poor speaker performance.

Secondly, by offering a small flexible lip which is designed to seal against the door trim on vehicles where the speakers are close to the doors.

The overall result is improved speaker performance and better clarity without having to upgrade the speaker itself.

Factory & Aftermarket Speaker Compatible

Thanks to its universal design, the InstallPRO Speaker Baffle Kit can be used on both factory or aftermarket speakers providing protection and improving your speaker performance.


  • New fold-able silicon design
  • No Trimming or cutting of baffle required
  • Improved speaker performance
  • Protects speaker magnet and basket area from water

What Do You Get?

Each InstallPRO Speaker Baffle Kit (IPBU65) Includes:

2x Silicon 6.5" Adjustable Baffles

2x Self-adhesive Back-wave Pads

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