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The Epicenter Micro combines AudioControl’s legendary digital bass restoration with world-renowned OEM integration capabilities.

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General Product Information

EPICENTER Micro Processor

The Epicenter Micro combines AudioControl’s legendary digital bass restoration with world-renowned OEM integration capabilities.

Integration Options

Featuring a speaker-level input stage with selectable impedance loads, as well as traditional line-level inputs, The Epicenter Micro brings out the best bass in any system. Trigger modes include traditional +12V remote in, GTO™ Signal Sense, and Audio Sense.

The PFM Subsonic Filter can be bypassed for the truly dedicated, and the 10V+ output voltage setting beckons only the bravest among us. Use the included ACR-4 remote to indepenently adjust bass restoration and output level.

Keep Factory Systems Happy

Since around 2007, nearly all factory audio systems use D-Class technology. This more efficient system also means the factory audio system must see speakers connected for audio. No speakers connected? No Audio. This makes adding an amplifier to these speaker signals difficult at times.

Each AudioControl Epicenter Micro features 'Load Select' technology. By selecting either 20kΩ, 60Ω or 20Ω the AudioControl Epicenter Micro will act as a speaker being physically connected giving you solid, stable and smooth audio output. Just another reason why AudioControl a leader in OEM integration.

Triggered In The Right Way

Not all audio systems are equal. Built in to each AudioControl Epicenter Micro is 3 different trigger modes to suit most if not all installation requirements.

Using AudioControls patented Great Turn On (GTO) feature, the Epicenter Micro will turn on whenever a signal is sensed on the input channels.

For some modern factory audio systems where GTO does not activate, we have included the new AUDIO selection as found in the DSP range of Audiocontrol products. This new AUDIO option gives you an alternate remote turn on sensing option for finicky audio systems.

Want to use your own remote turn on signal? Easy! We've also included a manual remote turn on feature for your own 12v input.

Even MORE Features!

We could be here all day explaining all the other cool features of the AudioControl Epicenter Micro but here is just a summary of its features which makes this the go to for so many installations.


  • Patented Digital Bass Restoration
  • ParaBASS® Bass Shaping
  • Speaker and Line Level Inputs
  • Load Matching Circuit
  • Multiple Trigger Modes
  • ACR-4 Dual Knob Dash Mount Control Included
  • Speaker Level Input: 1 (2 channels)
  • Maximum Speaker Level Input: 40 Vrms / 400 W (20kΩ setting)
  • Speaker Level Input Impedance (selectable): 20Ω, 60Ω, 20kΩ
  • Line Level Input: 1 (2 channels)
  • Line Level Input Impedance: 7kΩ
  • Preamp Outputs: 1 (2 channels)
  • Maximum Output Level: 9.5Vrms/13V peak

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