Phoenix Gold MX Series 6.5″ Coaxial Speakers


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Phoenix Gold’s Full Range Speaker in the MX Series feature a Dual Concentric Coaxial Design which allows the sound of each driver to emanate from a single point, eliminating frequency interference and phase issues. Corona Lens allows For better off axis listening by producing a uniform and articulate sound field in all directions, resulting in correct phase and improved time alignment. These Features are combined to create an engrossing listening experience with detail, impact and tonality unrivalled from any other speakers in or even double MX’s price point. The MX drivers are an easy drop-in replacement with an excellent increase in performance and sound quality.

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Product Features


  • Shallow Mount
    Allows for easy installation behind factory panels
  • Dual Concentric Design
    Provides excellent off-axis response as the woofer and tweeter share a common center thus focusing the sound of both drivers in a uniform field of sound resulting in premium sound quality from stock locations
  • Polypropylene Carbon Impregnated Cone
    Strong yet lightweight material for crisp, accurate mid and low notes
  • High-Temperature Voice Coil
    Our proprietary Torriform Technology provides superior current distribution while effectively dissipating heat
  • Phoeniroll Surround Technology
    A Phoenix Gold Standard that supports smooth linear movement for optimal accuracy
  • Silk Dome Tweeter
    Delivers rich, warm treble with remarkable clarity and definition
  • Corona Lens
    Our unique wave guide technology, focuses the tweeter correcting any phase cancellation that occurs in traditional “point source” speakers. The lens provides a smooth blend of the tweeter frequencies with mid woofer by dispersing the sound waves in a balanced fashion

Our unique wave guide technology found in the MX Series of speakers corrects phase cancellation found in general coaxial speaker design plus amazing off-axis performance.

Phoeniroll Surround Technology offers smooth linear movement for optimal accuracy