Phoenix Gold MX Series 4 Channel Amplifier


Phoenix Gold is excited to introduce the series everyone has been asking for. A sub-compact series of amplifiers engineered for vehicles where space is at a premium, like trucks, jeeps and sports cars. The MX series of amplifiers proves that amazing things do come in small packages. Designed to fit, without compromising power and sound quality. These full-featured Class D amplifiers are available in 3 configurations (monoblock, 4-channel, and 5-channel) ranging from 600-800 watts each, to address any system requirements and power needs. Power is achieved with robust unregulated power supplies ensuring you have the ability to have dynamic power on demand while still giving you the sound quality you expect from Phoenix Gold.

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Product Features

  • Class-D Topology
  • Small Footprint Chassis Design
  • Robust Unregulated Power Supplies
  • Audio Precision® Quality Control Verification
  • Balanced/Unbalanced Inputs
  • Direct Insert Power and Speaker Terminals
  • Laser Etched Logo Model Number
  • Metal End Caps
  • Two Piece Alloy Body


High quality deep screw down terminals allow a solid connection while being neat and tidy

With its etched Phoenix Gold logo and model numberm the MX600.4 looks the part.

Suitable for balanced or unbalanced inputs makes the MX600.4 unique for many applications.

High-quality metal end caps with 2 piece alloy construction means the MX600.4 not only sounds amazing, but built tough with stylish looks.

Beautifully crafted gold PCB with surface mount components makes the MX600.4 have serious power with clarity.

Small footprint means amplifier location is possible in many different locations.