Protect Your Speakers With InstallPRO

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Just upgraded your vehicle speakers? Want to extend the life of your factory speakers?

The funny thing about your vehicle’s doors, they are not watertight. For many, there is a misconception that the strip that runs along the top of the door near the glass is a water seal.
Actually, it’s simply an ‘anti chatter’ strip for the door glass to stop it from being scratched or bouncing about. So guess where all the water goes when it rains or you wash your car? inside your door.

The InstallPRO Series of speaker baffles are designed to protect the speaker from water running down inside the door causing rust and speaker failure. It also at the same time improves the speaker’s performance with the included speaker back wave pad. Don’t believe me? check out the video!

Check out the InstallPRO 6.5″ Speaker Baffle kit here – > IPBU65

Check out the InstallPRO 6×9 Speaker Baffle kit here – > IPBU69


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