Lightbars and Modern Cars

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Adding a light bar to a modern vehicle has proven to be something of a hard issue for a lot of owners of European, Japanese and American delivered vehicles.

As modern headlights are LED-based, a lot of manufacturers use LED headlight controllers built directly into the headlight. This means the conventional “High and Low” analog power wires once tapped off for your driving lights aren’t available. CANM8’s Highbeam solution (#C8NECTHIGHBEAM available from solves this issue in many vehicles.

CANM8 C8NECT High Beam Interface

Wired directly into your OBD2 port* or vehicle specific location (*vehicle dependant) this module gives you a low amperage 12v output to trigger your lightbar to work with High Beam lights engaged on your vehicle. No disruption is made to your vehicles network and no error codes are produced making it an easy solution for lightbar installation.

When purchasing this module, make sure to let us know what vehicle you have so we can supply you with the correct information with your order.


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